Australian poets lead the way when it comes to the poetry of flora and fauna. Take, for example, the following lines from Michelle Leber’s 'Heat Wave, Melbourne'… these lines are a knockout.             

- Sydney Morning Herald

In Leber, the gainliness of that combination of scientific & perceptional language evokes authority…these are crafted poems …her keen observation imposes veracity regardless of subject matter.                

- Kris Hemensley, Poetry & Ideas

There’s a richness in Michelle’s book, a language that is both muscular and sensuous. The details in this book are both precise and powerful: close observation is matched with passion - a love of the wild and, at bottom, a fierce energy and desire to protect, to conserve, not by lecturing but by showing.              

- Ron Pretty AM, Goolwa Poetry Festival

LEFT: LAUNCH AT THE WHEELER CENTRE. Michelle Leber's The Weeping Grass was one of four books launched as part of Australian Poetry Centre's NEW POETS SERIES. Three other poets published in this series were Ann de Hugard (A Question of Translation), Rachael Petridis (Sundecked) & Chloe Wilson (The Mermaid Problem).